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Enchanted By Nature

Enchanted By Nature - tray & 2 coaster set


Plants and flowers in art hold a profound significance, symbolizing emotions and meanings with elegance.

They can represent love, passion, and desire also purity, innocence,even death's attire.

Throughout history, artists have found inspiration in the beauty of nature's floral creations.

Nature speaks a language, conveying sentiments and emotions with flourish.

A language of its own evoking emotions, stories, meanings unknown.

Their significance and symbolism is a timeless art, adding depth and beauty to every artist's heart.

Materials & Dimensions

Cherry wood

Tray : 26cm x 11cm x 8mm thick base + 8mm high edge

Coaster : 10cm x 10cm x 8mm thickness

Sealed with a water and heat resistant finish.

Handmade with love <3


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