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The Cypress Tree

The Cypress Tree - 2 coaster set


The importance of the Cypress tree originates from the Zoroastrian world.

For the Zoroastrians it symbolised a life without death or the continuation of life beyond the grave.

Many other cultures have since incorporated this beautiful symbol of eternal life into their own art which led to the Cypress tree becoming a popular and commonly used motif, especially in Asia.

Since it is an evergreen & one of the oldest trees in the world, it is depicted as a variation of the ‘tree of life’ motif – which also represents eternal life.


The depiction of animals and birds ranges across a wide spectrum in art.

They are present, not only in their most natural raw forms, but also as divine symbols and worshipped forms from various religious beliefs.

They are also allegories that represent philosophies and emotions.

They serve the aesthetic purpose of beauty of all things natural or the aggression of the survival of the fittest in arts.

And their depiction in the arts in temples and religious sites, exalts them to spiritual significance.

Materials & Dimensions

Walnut & Cherry wood

Each Coaster : 10cm x 10cm x 8mm thickness

Sealed with a water and heat resistant finish.

Handmade with love <3


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