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Walking Stick Palm Tree

Walking Stick Palm Tree - 2 coaster set


The plant’s name comes from the strong straight stem which remains consistently around 3cm and was harvested post World War 1 to make walking sticks for returned wounded soldiers. A comfortable hand grip was carved from the compact root ball found at the base of the stem.

Despite it’s size and outer appearance it has the inner strength to support several times it’s size and volume.

Goes to show that not everything is as it seems.


The depiction of animals and birds ranges across a wide spectrum in art.

They are present, not only in their most natural raw forms, but also as divine symbols and worshipped forms from various religious beliefs.

They are also allegories that represent philosophies and emotions.

They serve the aesthetic purpose of beauty of all things natural or the aggression of the survival of the fittest in arts.

And their depiction in the arts in temples and religious sites, exalts them to spiritual significance.

Materials & Dimensions

Walnut & Cherry wood

Each Coaster : 10cm x 10cm x 8mm thickness

Sealed with a water and heat resistant finish.

Handmade with love <3


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